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CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_RW_DETECT: USB Mass Storage Write-Protected Media Detection (EXPERIMENTAL)

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_RW_DETECT:

Help text

Say Y here in order to have the USB Mass Storage code indicate to the SCSI layer that using MODE SENSE(6) and MODE SENSE(10) to determine if the media is write-protected is a good thing to do.

Many devices have historically had trouble with these commands, hence the default 2.6.x behavior has been to suppress their use. 2.4.x used these commands with (at best) mixed results, often crashing the firmware of the device. However, the SCSI layer now issues these commands in a manner more consistent with other "popular" OSes, in an attempt to improve compatibility.

Saying Y here allows these commands to be sent to a USB device. If you find a device this doesn't work for, switch to N and let us know at <>

If you say N here, the kernel will assume that all disk-like USB devices are write-enabled.



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