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CONFIG_ZFT_DFLT_BLK_SZ: Default block size

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_ZFT_DFLT_BLK_SZ:

Help text

If unsure leave this at its default value, i.e. 10240. Note that you specify only the default block size here. The block size can be changed at run time using the MTSETBLK tape operation with the MTIOCTOP ioctl (i.e. with "mt -f /dev/qft0 setblk #BLKSZ" from the shell command line).

The probably most striking difference between zftape and previous versions of ftape is the fact that all data must be written or read in multiples of a fixed block size. The block size defaults to 10240 which is what GNU tar uses. The values for the block size should be either 1 or multiples of 1024 up to a maximum value of 63488 (i.e. 62 K). If you specify `1' then zftape's builtin compression will be disabled.

Reasonable values are `10240' (GNU tar's default block size), `5120' (afio's default block size), `32768' (default block size some backup programs assume for SCSI tape drives) or `1' (no restriction on block size, but disables builtin compression).



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