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CONFIG_DEVFS_FS: /dev file system support (OBSOLETE)

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_DEVFS_FS:

Help text

This is support for devfs, a virtual file system (like /proc) which provides the file system interface to device drivers, normally found in /dev. Devfs does not depend on major and minor number allocations. Device drivers register entries in /dev which then appear automatically, which means that the system administrator does not have to create character and block special device files in the /dev directory using the mknod command (or MAKEDEV script) anymore.

This is work in progress. If you want to use this, you *must* read the material in Documentation/filesystems/devfs/, especially the file README there.

Note that devfs no longer manages /dev/pts! If you are using UNIX98 ptys, you will also need to mount the /dev/pts filesystem (devpts).

Note that devfs has been obsoleted by udev, It has been stripped down to a bare minimum and is only provided for legacy installations that use its naming scheme which is unfortunately different from the names normal Linux installations use.

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