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The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_MEGARAID_MAILBOX:

Help text

List of supported controllers

OEM Product Name VID :DID :SVID:SSID --- ------------ ---- ---- ---- ---- Dell PERC3/QC 101E:1960:1028:0471 Dell PERC3/DC 101E:1960:1028:0493 Dell PERC3/SC 101E:1960:1028:0475 Dell PERC3/Di 1028:000E:1028:0123 Dell PERC4/SC 1000:1960:1028:0520 Dell PERC4/DC 1000:1960:1028:0518 Dell PERC4/QC 1000:0407:1028:0531 Dell PERC4/Di 1028:000F:1028:014A Dell PERC 4e/Si 1028:0013:1028:016c Dell PERC 4e/Di 1028:0013:1028:016d Dell PERC 4e/Di 1028:0013:1028:016e Dell PERC 4e/Di 1028:0013:1028:016f Dell PERC 4e/Di 1028:0013:1028:0170 Dell PERC 4e/DC 1000:0408:1028:0002 Dell PERC 4e/SC 1000:0408:1028:0001 LSI MegaRAID SCSI 320-0 1000:1960:1000:A520 LSI MegaRAID SCSI 320-1 1000:1960:1000:0520 LSI MegaRAID SCSI 320-2 1000:1960:1000:0518 LSI MegaRAID SCSI 320-0X 1000:0407:1000:0530 LSI MegaRAID SCSI 320-2X 1000:0407:1000:0532 LSI MegaRAID SCSI 320-4X 1000:0407:1000:0531 LSI MegaRAID SCSI 320-1E 1000:0408:1000:0001 LSI MegaRAID SCSI 320-2E 1000:0408:1000:0002 LSI MegaRAID SATA 150-4 1000:1960:1000:4523 LSI MegaRAID SATA 150-6 1000:1960:1000:0523 LSI MegaRAID SATA 300-4X 1000:0409:1000:3004 LSI MegaRAID SATA 300-8X 1000:0409:1000:3008 INTEL RAID Controller SRCU42X 1000:0407:8086:0532 INTEL RAID Controller SRCS16 1000:1960:8086:0523 INTEL RAID Controller SRCU42E 1000:0408:8086:0002 INTEL RAID Controller SRCZCRX 1000:0407:8086:0530 INTEL RAID Controller SRCS28X 1000:0409:8086:3008 INTEL RAID Controller SROMBU42E 1000:0408:8086:3431 INTEL RAID Controller SROMBU42E 1000:0408:8086:3499 INTEL RAID Controller SRCU51L 1000:1960:8086:0520 FSC MegaRAID PCI Express ROMB 1000:0408:1734:1065 ACER MegaRAID ROMB-2E 1000:0408:1025:004D NEC MegaRAID PCI Express ROMB 1000:0408:1033:8287

To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the module will be called megaraid_mbox



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