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CONFIG_SND_BEBOB: BridgeCo DM1000/DM1100/DM1500 with BeBoB firmware

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_SND_BEBOB:

Help text

Say Y here to include support for FireWire devices based on BridgeCo DM1000/DM1100/DM1500 with BeBoB firmware: * Edirol FA-66/FA-101 * PreSonus FIREBOX/FIREPOD/FP10/Inspire1394 * BridgeCo RDAudio1/Audio5 * Mackie Onyx 1220/1620/1640 (FireWire I/O Card) * Mackie d.2 (optional FireWire card with DM1000 ASIC) * Stanton FinalScratch 2 (ScratchAmp) * Tascam IF-FW/DM * Behringer XENIX UFX 1204/1604 * Behringer Digital Mixer X32 series (X-UF Card) * Behringer FCA610/1616 * Apogee Rosetta 200/400 (X-FireWire card) * Apogee DA/AD/DD-16X (X-FireWire card) * Apogee Ensemble * ESI QuataFire 610 * AcousticReality eARMasterOne * CME MatrixKFW * Phonic Helix Board 12 MkII/18 MkII/24 MkII * Phonic Helix Board 12 Universal/18 Universal/24 Universal * Lynx Aurora 8/16 (LT-FW) * ICON FireXon * PrismSound Orpheus/ADA-8XR * TerraTec PHASE 24 FW/PHASE X24 FW/PHASE 88 Rack FW * TerraTec EWS MIC2/EWS MIC8 * TerraTec Aureon 7.1 FireWire * Yamaha GO44/GO46 * Focusrite Saffire/Saffire LE/SaffirePro10 IO/SaffirePro26 IO * M-Audio FireWire410/AudioPhile/Solo * M-Audio Ozonic/NRV10/ProfireLightBridge * M-Audio FireWire 1814/ProjectMix IO * Digidesign Mbox 2 Pro * ToneWeal FW66

To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the module will be called snd-bebob.



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