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CONFIG_SOUND_TRIDENT: Trident 4DWave DX/NX, SiS 7018 or ALi 5451 PCI Audio Core

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_SOUND_TRIDENT:

Help text

Say Y or M if you have a PCI sound card utilizing the Trident 4DWave-DX/NX chipset or your mother board chipset has SiS 7018 or ALi 5451 built-in. The SiS 7018 PCI Audio Core is embedded in SiS960 Super South Bridge and SiS540/630 Single Chipset. The ALi 5451 PCI Audio Core is embedded in ALi M1535, M1535D, M1535+ or M1535D+ South Bridge.

Use lspci -n to find out if your sound card or chipset uses Trident 4DWave or SiS 7018. PCI ID 1023:2000 or 1023:2001 stands for Trident 4Dwave. PCI ID 1039:7018 stands for SiS7018. PCI ID 10B9:5451 stands for ALi5451.

This driver supports S/PDIF in/out (record/playback) for ALi 5451 embedded in ALi M1535+ and M1535D+. Note that they aren't all enabled by default; you can enable them by saying Y to "/proc file system support" and "Sysctl support", and after the /proc file system has been mounted, executing the command

command what is enabled

echo 0>/proc/ALi5451 pcm out is also set to S/PDIF out. (Default).

echo 1>/proc/ALi5451 use S/PDIF out to output pcm data.

echo 2>/proc/ALi5451 use S/PDIF out to output non-pcm data. (AC3...).

echo 3>/proc/ALi5451 record from Ac97 in(MIC, Line in...). (Default).

echo 4>/proc/ALi5451 no matter Ac97 settings, record from S/PDIF in.

This driver differs slightly from OSS/Free, so PLEASE READ the comments at the top of sound/oss/trident.c.



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