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I entered in the Debian project in the winter 2000/2001.


microcode.ctl is a microcode loader for Intel processors.
lxr is a (two?) project to generate online source cross references of kernel and other programs
apt-zip is an utility to transfer and download debian packages from an extern and well connected host.
screentest is a short utility to test screens (it displays some pattern, so you can check the screen quality.
g15 is a serie of packages to use full features of Logitech G15 keyboards, allowing extra keys and display on the keyboard LCD screens

See also

Debian Developer's Packages Overview contains a summary of package status in the various debian distribution, open bugs and some hints about possible errors.

Ubuntu Package maintenance report. I'm not really an Ubuntu user and developer, but some of my packages are uploaded in Ubuntu (without modification), so Ubuntu bugs or problems are possible Debian bugs or problems.

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