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CONFIG_PERF_EVENTS: Kernel performance events and counters

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_PERF_EVENTS:

Help text

Enable kernel support for various performance events provided by software and hardware.

Software events are supported either built-in or via the use of generic tracepoints.

Most modern CPUs support performance events via performance counter registers. These registers count the number of certain types of hw events: such as instructions executed, cachemisses suffered, or branches mis-predicted - without slowing down the kernel or applications. These registers can also trigger interrupts when a threshold number of events have passed - and can thus be used to profile the code that runs on that CPU.

The Linux Performance Event subsystem provides an abstraction of these software and hardware event capabilities, available via a system call and used by the "perf" utility in tools/perf/. It provides per task and per CPU counters, and it provides event capabilities on top of those.

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