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CONFIG_USB_U132_HCD: Elan U132 Adapter Host Controller

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_USB_U132_HCD:

Help text

The U132 adapter is a USB to CardBus adapter specifically designed for PC cards that contain an OHCI host controller. Typical PC cards are the Orange Mobile 3G Option GlobeTrotter Fusion card. The U132 adapter will *NOT* work with PC cards that do not contain an OHCI controller.

For those PC cards that contain multiple OHCI controllers only the first one is used.

The driver consists of two modules, the "ftdi-elan" module is a USB client driver that interfaces to the FTDI chip within ELAN's USB-to-PCMCIA adapter, and this "u132-hcd" module is a USB host controller driver that talks to the OHCI controller within the CardBus cards that are inserted in the U132 adapter.

This driver has been tested with a CardBus OHCI USB adapter, and worked with a USB PEN Drive inserted into the first USB port of the PCCARD. A rather pointless thing to do, but useful for testing.

It is safe to say M here.

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